Thursday, March 30, 2006

Factor 0.81 now available

Download it from the Factor web site. Lots of new stuff in this release: FFI callbacks, multi-window UI, improved online help, and many updates to the contributed libraries. Also for the first time a pre-compiled Mac OS X (PowerPC) binary package is available! Just double-click on and the Factor UI is started, no fuss.

Note that the detailed changelog is now part of the online help system, and so you can view it either from the Factor UI, or in the online documentation responder (as soon as I update the server on to 0.81, anyway).


Anonymous said...

I downloaded the Factor app and realised that it doesn't run on my Mac Panther (on a mac mini) straight away.
it only worked after I found and executed the mach-o binary inside the application "package".
what's wrong?

Slava Pestov said...

I only tested the .app package on 10.4, and indeed, 10.3 might require the 'bundle' bit to be set whereas 10.4 just looks for .app. Can you verify?

Anonymous said...

hi again,
"...the 'bundle' bit to be set..." ?
I haven't a clue how it is done, on the other hand, I have both Gimp and Firefox working, yet with the same .app extention.
perhaps I should compile it myself, or simply it's time for me to upgrade OS. hehehe :)