Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mailing list archive problems, again

SourceForge is so incredibly lame, has never turned a profit, and is staffed by smelly PHP-smoking GPL hippies who have never been laid. Their mailing list archive is broken, and just as it has many times in the past, it's starting to lag by a few weeks (what happened to 2008 guys?):
I have updated all links on the Factor web site to point to gmane, which actually works properly and contains all recent posts:
Very soon now I will move the Factor-talk list to my linode box, and Factor will finally be free of the crappyness that is SourceForge.

I've had so many issues with SourceForge in the past, it's not funny.

You'd think writing a mailing list archive is easy, but if you work at SourceForge, something as simple as counting downloads is hard. Nothing would make me happier than seeing SourceForge go out of business, or get acquired and buried, along with all 166,397 craptastic Loonix open sores GPL projects hosted there. In fact, if I ever make 100 million dollars the first thing I will do is acquire VA Linux and shut down SourceForge, and burn all their disks and backups.

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Dominique Boucher said...

If you acquire VA Linux and shutdown SF, let me know first, I will take time to host my project elsewhere. But it may not be worth it, right? ;-)

I agree that SF is broken in a number of respects. And it is SO slow!