Monday, January 14, 2008

Defended my thesis

My thesis defense was today. It went well and my thesis was accepted, which means I now officially have a Master's degree in Mathematics. You can read my thesis online, it is titled On the cohomology of nilpotent Lie algebras.


Falicon said...

Congrats - that is awesome!

Ricardo said...


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Sohail Somani said...

Congrats! My brain hurts from reading the title of your paper.

Dirk Moebius said...

Congratulations, Sviatoslav! :-)

Dominique Boucher said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and compare it with this PHD! in computer science:

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't understand a word of it but congratulations!

Where are Lie Algebras used in the "real world"?

What tool did you use to create all those odd shaped symbols in your thesis?

What are you going to do next?

Does your Dad understand your thesis?

Do you understand the theory of general relativity?

What is your I.Q ?!

Do you ever visit Russia or your birthplace (Siberia?)?

Do you enjoy methematics as much as programming?

As ever, well done Slava and thanks for your blog.


Slava Pestov said...

Graeme, Lie algebras are used in physics. The thesis is typeset with LaTeX. My dad doesn't understand it, and I don't understand general relativity. Never been back to Russia! :-)

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Reginald Braithwaite said...

Congratulations, Slava, this is a terrific accomplishment on top of Factor.

Well done!

w-g said...

Hey, congratulations! :-)

Matt said...


pr3d4t0r said...

Congratulations, slava!

Best wishes always. Sushi the next time you're in town.


Raj said...

Congrats Slava-
ALthough I am new to Factor and have been a poser with Abstract Algebra Its double joy to see you pull off a MS in Math (which is very hard here at UT) and start and flourish a new programming paradigm. Truly GREAT accomplishments..
What next now?