Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Asus Eee PC

Looks like I've finally found a laptop that I can like: the Asus Eee PC. I'm not a fan of your average laptop; huge, heavy, runs through the battery in 3 hours, and cooks my balls. This "eee PC" only has a 7" screen, solid state disk, and (presumably) good battery life. I need to check out a few more reviews, but I'm probably going to buy one as soon as its released.


Anonymous said...

What about laptops like the X-series ThinkPads, the good ole 12" PowerBooks or other 12in machines? Even a few years ago, most of them ran ULV Pentiums running at below 1.5GHz (today I think they have Core Duos running at similar frequencies).

What I've read about the Asus EEE was less than flattering, i.e. an included Celery CPU that doesn't clock down and actually the machine *does* run a bit hot, so you're probably better off with one with a real CPU. (Oh, and only 3.5 hours battery time.)

James Hague said...

I like the looks of it too, but the official specs only claim 2.8-3.5 hours of battery life depending on the model (this is right on the page you linked to).

mrblack said...

yo slava.

get it at pccyber on richmond rd. a few guys at work got one and they say it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

And the OLPC?


Sam Danielson said...

Another feature I would want is quick suspend and resume with the ability to sleep for several days on a charge. Nokias do it pretty well. Without that feature I would still need to carry a PDA.