Friday, January 20, 2006

Factor 0.80 almost ready

I'm considering the new help system done for now. The new handbook doesn't cover everything the old handbook did, however I'll take care of that over time. I'm currently working on HTML rendering for the help markup language; this will be ready shortly, and soon I'll update the Factor HTTP server instance running at to allow online browsing of documentation, which is a first since formely the handbook was only available in PDF format.

In other news, Trent Buck is the newest member of the Factor community. He's working on a Debian package, and he's also done a lot of cleanup of the contributed library code to make sure it loads and works with the language changes made in Factor 0.80.

Doug Coleman who has already contributed quite an amount of code is working on a random compiler tester. It generates random quotations, and compares compiled and interpreted output. It has already found some rather obscure bugs.

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Ian Osgood said...

Once the Debian package is ready, you should consider participating in the Great Computer Language Shootout. gnu forth is feeling lonely at the postfix end of the pool.