Thursday, January 12, 2006

3D graphics in Factor

Eduardo Cavazos has implemented a Factor program for rendering Lindenmayer Systems.

Here is a screenshot:

Eduardo is the latest Factor contributor. So far he's implemented a set of X11 bindings, an X11 window manager in Factor, and a series of graphical demos like this one. Factor 0.81 will use the X11 bindings for an UI backend in place of SDL.


Berlin Brown said...

Forward to Eduardo:

Can you provide what your editing environment looks like.

For example, where did you get the emacs factor module. How did you setup the buffer on the right-side of the screen, is that an telnet instance of factor?

herbert breunung said...

hello slava

an editor author by myself, i had to say jedit is one of my inspirations but Factor es on of the most intristing new software projects around. i recommend to read your blog regularly, because it contains interesting and straight thoughts. please keep up even if my heart belongs to perl (im really hard to convince in that matter) but it attracts me really also to play with factor.


Ian Osgood said...

Good news about the X11 bindings!

The latest technology for X11 clients is XCB, which fixes the latency hiding and bloat that plagued xlib. It is much more threading and continuation friendly, and might make a good demo for those features of Factor.