Friday, October 28, 2005

Factor 0.79 almost ready

Its been almost two months since Factor 0.78, but CVS is looking very good and its almost ready for release. I only have a few items on my list. Here is a screenshot showing off the working FreeType font rendering, and new GUI theme. The OpenGL rendering backend has improved performance considerably, however it is still not as snappy as I'd like. However, this will all get solved over time as the compiler matures, and we replace SDL with OS-specific windowing substrate.

Some other developments include Doug Coleman's extended math library, which adds many functions not provided in the core math library. This includes dimensioned units, combinatorial functions, polynomials, statistics, and number theory. Also, an X11 binding is in development. This will replace SDL on *nix platforms as the windowing substrate for the UI (except for OS X, which will use a Carbon binding that I will develop).

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