Saturday, October 25, 2008

California trip - presenting Factor at Google, VPRI and Galois

I'm in Sunnyvale, California right now with Doug Coleman and Eduardo Cavazos. Last night we hung out with Matthew Willis (yuuki) and Cameron Zwarich (cpst), two regulars in the #concatenative channel, lots of fun.

I'm giving three talks about Factor this week. Unfortunately, none of these are open to the general public. However, there will be a video of the Google talk:

  • Monday, October 27th, 1:30pm at Google's Mountain View campus

  • Tuesday, October 28th, at VPRI in Los Angeles

  • Thursday, October 30th, at Galois in Portland, Oregon

I'm looking forward to meeting lots of crazy hackers. Should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Factor is a really interesting language... I'm looking forward to seeing the Google video.

Brit Butler said...

Seconded about the Google Talk...please do keep us posted. :)

dh said...

That's cool, Slava! Nice to know that these guys have Factor on their radar! Wish you the very best for your presentations and Factor!

middayc said...

Great! Waiting for the video.

Bill Sun said...

Sweet! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I see two Tech Talks from yesterday (27th)... but alas no Factor.

BrianTRice said...

What's the best way to meet up with you on Thursday? I am considering driving down from Seattle for the day to do this.

Feel free to contact me using info at my website.

dh said...

Here's the video:

Yuli Kolesnikov said...

Excellent presentation at Google!
Well done and smooth!

I have really enojed it and it was very inspirational indeed.

I have an eye on the language for a few years and amazed about the progress and steadyness of it.
It feels really-really promising, so please do continue. You are great!

Looking forward for all features from release 2.0!