Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Write once, run anywhere

Apple finally released Java 6 for Mac OS X, about a year late, and it only runs on 64-bit Intel Macs. It also requires Leopard, which isn't such a big deal because anyone can upgrade. I sold my G5 but a lot of people out there still use PowerPC Macs and I guess they're just screwed. It's a shame too because Java 6 is the first release that's starting to approach true usability for desktop applications.


stesch said...

Nope, not anyone can upgrade. Macs aren't just used for fun and games.

Visit some printers and media designers. They wait until Adobe made their products work on Leopard and then either wait a bit longer, or keep an old system just in case.

Upgrades don't go smoothly in the real world.

Slava Pestov said...

Stesch, you're absolutely right, there are many people out there who are quite conservative with respect to upgrades. Apple is ignoring this large chunk of their user base who isn't running the latest and greatest hardware/software but would still like to use Java applications.