Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Announcing apps/help-lint

Lately I've been building up a small library of routines for automated checking of Factor's documentation. My most recent effort was the doc test clone for testing code examples. Well, today I cleaned things up, added some new inspections, and put everything together into a new apps/help-lint module. It now performs the following checks against word documentation:
  • ensures examples run and produce stated output
  • ensures $see-also elements don't contain duplicate entries (I always make this mistake!)
  • ensures $module-link elements point to modules which actually exist
  • ensures that $values match the stack effect declaration
  • ensures that word help articles render (this catches broken links, improper nesting, etc)

Some of these checks will make their way into the core of the help system over time, others will remain as stand-alone tools.

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