Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sad people

Some people are so blinded by Java zealotry that they choose to make a weblog dedicated to personal attacks on comp.lang.lisp posters.

Why Java zealotry you ask? I think a trait unique to Java programmers is to go antagonize other language communities, pretending to be interested in learning that language, when in fact they're just looking for excuses not to learn, and to criticize.


Hobel said...

Ok, just browsing through it the May blog post seems pretty boring, but the next one mentioning a post by Pascal Bourguignon actually has a point:

Sure, creating a blog about that is kind of useless, but I would expect more tact from a Lisper...

Slava Pestov said...

I see you have an "Eclipse sucks" weblog. I think that is ok, and I criticize Java in weblog postings, however there's a difference between saying that a technology sucks, or even that people who use the technology are misguided, and personal attacks.