Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Better emacs integration

Eduardo Cavazos submitted a patch which adds a contrib/emacs.factor module with an emacs word, so you can jump to definitions in a running emacs instance:
\ reverse emacs
{ editor draw-gadget* } emacs

Eduardo also improved the factor.el emacs mode, adding keyword highlighting.

If the emacs integration keeps improving and gains SLIME-like features, I'll probably switch over. I'm getting sick of maintaining the jEdit Factor plugin -- the codebase is a mess (it descends from JFactor) and it feels like a waste of time since eventually Factor will have a structure editor in the image anyway.


Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading about factor, though i have not done anything with it.

i also wanted to say that i use jedit everyday at work and many places [it runs off a usb stick nicely].

thanks for everything you've done! :)

Anonymous said...

Slave, are you plaining to write some jEdit replacement with factor. jEdit is terrific but feels too slow.

Anonymous said...

great, when will there be an editor inside factor? all the delevoping environment has such a nice (similar zu clim) GUI! Hopefully there will be soon an editor in the same style.

I love Factor, keep hacking! :)