Monday, June 26, 2006

Factor web site now running latest HTTP server code

The Factor web site was previously served by a pre-release Factor 0.81 snapshot, with various random bug fixes "patched in" live by me copy and pasting the relevant colon definitions in the listener. I finally got around to updating the server to run Factor 0.83.

You will notice an increase in the documentation available for browsing. HTML formatting of Factor markup is still not ideal, however I am working on it.

I hope this new version is as stable as the previous one was. For a long time I was having I/O bugs, but in the last few weeks the 0.81 code did not crash at all. Lets hope there are no regressions in 0.83.


AnarchoMario said...

Do you plan making a OpenBSD version?
I'm trying to compile Factor for it without sucess :/

Slava Pestov said...

What problems are you having compiling?

If the runtime compiles, then bootstrapping with -no-native-io should work. To get native I/O working you need to run a small tool to grovel some constants from C headers.

Melissa said...

As first sorry for bad English...

Add, please, in the following version opportunity to switch in the case-insensetive mode. It's will be really nice.